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What is ARRK?

Since its founding in Japan in 1948, ARRK has had a strong focus on product development in the automotive field. Their main activities include product planning, design, engineering, prototyping and low volume production. As such, the ARRK Group facilitates in every step of the production cycle.

After a steady growth over the past decades, ARRK managed to translate their expertise from the automotive branch into other industrial fields, like home appliance, consumer electronics, medical tooling, communications, cosmetics and amusement facilities. Because product development and society as a whole have undergone significant changes in terms ethical standards and ecological values, ARRK continues to investigate, explore and optimize environmentally friendly solutions for their production process. Technological advances and the use of new composite materials contribute to a sustainable (automotive) industry and raise product quality to the highest achievable level.

ARRK Corporation

The ARRK Corporation exists of several subsidiaries in North America, Europe, Asia and Japan, each of which specializes in one or more of the five main values Styling Design, Engineering, Prototyping, Tooling or Low Volume Production. Together, all of these subsidiaries form a reliable and sustainable supply chain that can support in any product development project worldwide.

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ARRK Europe

ARRK Europe, which entails SPG Pre-Series Tooling and Prototyping B.V., assists companies from a wide variety of industrial sectors with the integral development of new products and the optimization of existing ones.

The combination of each subsidiaries’ expertise and extensive service portfolio paves the way for efficient interaction and valuable collaborations. This way, ARRK Europe helps bringing innovative products to the market quickly and reliably.

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