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With dedicated project management and extensive experience in Prototyping, Pre-Series and Low Volume Production of plastic and metal parts, we serve the Automotive, Lighting and Design & Industry sector.

This enables us to embody your wildest ideas!

Driven by experience, motivated by your ideas

In the product development cycle, testing and prototyping are indispensable.
At ARRK SPG, we can create prototype and low volume parts that satisfy all quality constraints and provide all the necessary materials and knowledge in every step of the product development cycle.

We can create any plastic or metal product for testing and experimental purposes, ranging from 1 up to 50 parts.

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Low Volume Production

We offer High-Volume quality at low quantities and cost, ranging from 50 to 2000 pieces.

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Using various finishing techniques, we ensure your prototype is of the highest possible quality.

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Regardless of its complexity, we can also assemble various parts into a complete product.

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Project Management

Powered by our elaborate supply chain, we love to lighten your load and coordinate the full development trajectory.

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Engineering Support

Together with our sister company ARRK Engineering in Germany, we can foresee in concept or series development, validation or system integration in the Automotive, Lighting and Design & Industry markets.

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ARRK SPG found its origin in the automotive industry. We are specialized in the production of interior, exterior and technical parts for development purpose.

However, over the past decade, we have translated our knowledge and experience to other industrial domains, like lighting and product design. Discover our latest projects and explore the endless possibilities of prototype, pre-series and low volume production.


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Design & Industries

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